Radioeins - Pop Secret - Legends and myths of rock and pop - Gary Lightbody

The video is in German so the lovely frosch0607 explained it to me.

The video starts by mentioning how REM has always been a big part of Gary’s life. The first song he ever played live was an REM song at a school concert. Gary listened to them a lot and Michael Stipe saved him through music more than once. When Gary had writer’s block (and it had reached a stage where he couldn’t even write his name on a cheque) he asked a lot of people, including Michael Stipe, for advice. Michael Stipe came to the studio and took a look at what Gary had written before the writer’s block. He advised Gary to put pen to paper and write out all the shit in his brain like drawing the poison from the wound. Gary then wrote and filled reams of notebooks until one day his writer’s block was broken. Michael Stipe had saved him once more and the rest of the album just flowed out.