Snow Patrol’s front man, Gary Lightbody, paid his first public performance tribute to the man he described as making him want to be a writer. From being published as a poet at 15 to winning an Ivor Novello award & penning some of the biggest anthemic hits of our times, Gary places Seamus as a central force in his creative life. Writing in response to the news of Seamus’ death, he wrote about an invisible tribe of people who act as creative touchstones. “People of profound light, love and kindness that simply maybe even without their knowledge make us and the world around them better. Stepehen Fry is one. Guy Garvey another. To seem them on the stage, screen or on the page makes us feel safer, happier, stronger, more centred and less confused by life and what the hell we’re doing here. I would make Heaney chieftain of that ‘invisible tribe.’” Gary was in conversation with the On Home Ground curator Marie Louise Muir.”